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Our board spectrum Cannabinoid elixir is a great and tasty way to medicate daily. Our CBD Syrup can be taken straight from the bottle orally. We recommend 5-10ml (25-50mg) up to three times daily, preferably just before a meal. Our CBD Syrup can be consumed in any still or carbonated drink, of your choice great for busy life on the go. Wherever your hustle takes you - keep on top and optimal form with our Natures Nectar CBD Syrup!


All our CBD Syrups are vegan friendly, made from fruit and flavoured and coloured in the same way. With you in mind, we really think we’ve made the best and tastiest way to deliver your daily dose! Keep a sweet kick with you for the stressful roads ahead. 


Read our CBD blog about 'What is CBD syrup?' for lots more highly detailed information regarding CBD syrup.

CBD Syrup

  • Ingredients: 

    reduced strawberry fruit syrup, agave, cbd distillate

    If pregnant, or any under serious health conditions please consult your local GP prior to making any purchases.

    Authenticity certificates available upon request.

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