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At Herbal Holistic Healing, our mission is to bring a new wave of passion to the CBD industry. We hope to be at the top of the market before the end of the decade, and are always striving to beat our 'yester-selves', with every new day. With evolutionary thinking, comes revolutionary ideas and revolutionary products to match! 


This long list includes things such as; pure CBD Distillate Vape Cartridges, CBD Distillate E-Liquid, CBD Distillate Body Balm, CBD Distillate Syrup, CBD Distillate Edibles, CBD Distillate Gummies, CBD Distillate Tablets and CBD Distillate Oil Tinctures. Although these are just a few of our products, we have a huge variety of options within each item and can cater to individual needs depending on the scenario.


We supply not only the end-user, but also stockists and shops worldwide - to find out more about how to stock our products in your store, please contact us here.

All of our products (including each individual ingredient), along with our 100% Pure CBD Distillate have officially been third party lab tested for independent verification.

Although we cannot claim any of the specific health benefits of each of our products, we do encourage our customers to research information for theirselves regarding the history of results on specific ailments, and to always consult their GP if dealing with any serious health problems. For any friendly advice, feel free to message our live chat.

Why use CBD extracts?

There's plenty of reasons to use CBD extracts, and there are also plenty of ways of taking /or ingesting CBD extracts efficiently to get the full benefits. Ranging from stress reduction, to anti-anxiety and muscle relaxation - CBD has a huge range of potential medical benefits, which we hope our customers will take the time to research by means outside of our website. We have our extracts 3rd party lab tested prior to putting them in our products - ensuring the overall quality of the CBD, along with the proof that it contains 0% active THC.

CBD Extracts can be ingested in the form of CBD Edibles. CBD Edibles come in varying sizes, and degrees of strength - the higher the dosage, the stronger the effect. The same goes with CBD Vape Pens etc. It's still important to note that everybody's endocannabinoid receptors are unique, and no two people will experience the same results. This is one of the many reasons that we find CBD so interesting.

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Nate L.

Professional Weight


“Ever since using the CBD Body Balm from H3CBD, my muscles have been so much better! With morning and nightly usage, it seems to relax all of my knots and pulls - absolutely great stuff, can't knock it”

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